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2nd Hand Equipment

Origin Fitness looks for great deals on old gym or used gym equipment. We service and refurbish the equipment so that it is ready to be resold and re-used in a new gym environment. Our list of items that are available is constantly changing, so please contact us to see what refurbished [...]

Health One

We have proudly exported our commercial treadmills to over 30 countries since our initial production began in 2005. With our accumulated knowledge in technology and vast experience from treadmill development as well as production and marketing acumen, we have become a respected provider of healthcare products and services. To enhance our products appeal and to [...]


Due to vast experience in manufacturing, design and fitness, Cactic Fitness provides clients with a total solution, customised for their specific training needs. Whether focused on cardio, resistance or conventional ways of training, Cactic, ensures, your system meets your every need.


RIP:60 is a fitness program designed to change the way people look, feel and move, through progressive programming, constant motion, versatile movements and the pow er of rotation. This body weighted suspension-style method of training consists of hundreds of both off and on-strap movements and relies upon the users own body weight for resistance, making [...]


4 weeks training with the revolutionary GUN-eX® COBRA elastic battle ropes will definitely get you in shape. Unlike traditional battling ropes, COBRA rope provi des in definite movements and variations when training. Upgrade your body and physique, supercharge your fitness, get stronger, ripped and toned whilst increasing stamina. You have never experienced training like this [...]