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HERA Cross Trainer UltraGlide 890

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HERA Cross Trainer 700s, full commercial

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HERA Commercial Cross Trainer

Touch-sense technology creates the most innovative user interface on the market while click-free touch buttons show their superiority over common touch and click buttons.
Built-in heart rate bar system helps monitor the heart rate and Polar telemetry to achieve a personalized target heart rate for the best workout results possible.
Large LED dot-matrix and scrolling text helps user to monitor workouts with ease.
Full set of programs, including 19 workout cycles, to access a multitude of training requests.
20 resistance levels to challenge even the most seasoned of athletes.
WATT-based heart program accurately achieves the target heart rate.
Built-in test program offers users the best reference for a personalized physical test.
Precise watt control for accurate energy-managed workout.
High-speed circulation fan

Innovative features on the Cross Trainer :

Six diverse programs and up to 16 resistance levels to ensure fitness routines are effective and fresh.
Large LEDs and intuitive keystrokes allow for easy-to-use interface.
Quick Start key provides a commencing exercise through a simple touch of abutton.
Display function can be adjusted for feedback of Level, Watt, Mets, and Pulse.
Technical Specification

Striding distance 500mm
Maximum watt 250 watt
Power Self generator
Resistance level 16
Unit length x width x height 1998 x 700 x 1511 mm
Max user weight 140 kg


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