////GUN-eX Cobra Basic Kit 300, Elastic Battle Ropes

GUN-eX Cobra Basic Kit 300, Elastic Battle Ropes

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Gun-eX Cobra Basic Kit Includes with elastic battle ropes.

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Gun-eX elastic battle ropes have a higher training effect, exercise variability as well as durability. Elastic battle ropes fight back as well as add resistance to your every move. Develop core and upper body strength as well as power.

The Gun-eX Cobra Basic Kit 300 iss suitable for fitness for men, women as well as youth.
Each Elastic Battle Ropes rough equivalent of 30 kg/66 lbs force per one rope at maximum length.

Gun-eX iss recommended for crossfit gyms, functional zones in fitness clubs, PT training, sports conditioning as well as home use. Get COBRA BASIC kit if you want to start with elastic battle ropes training and see what it all about. You can do all battle exercises, swings and whips, and basic core and push/pull exercises.

You can easily buy and add other accessories later to the kit for even more training variability.

Gun-eX Cobra Basic Kit Includes : 2 x 300N Cobra ropes, 1 x anchor strap, 2 x mallion carabiners, 2 x wire lock carabiners


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