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GUN-eX Quattro Combi Kit

R4 292.10

Kit includes : 4 x 140N Quattro Ropes, 1 x anchor strap, 2 x wrist attachments, 2 x ankle attachments

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The Gun-eX Quattro Kit is designed to provide a full body dynamic movement training experience.

Full body workout to improve your dynamic strength, coordination and explosive power. It provides resistance to your every move, be it upper body, legs or core.

The Gun-eX Quattro Kit is recommended for PT trainers, coaches and professional athletes and physical rehabilitation centers.Use Quattro if you need to improve coordination and build up core strength. It’s great for athletes who need to train sport specific movements. It is a must have tool for any serious PT trainer or coach.

The Combi Kit is recommended for most use cases, and includes 2 ropes with a light resistance of 100 N, 2 ropes with heavy resistance of 160 N. Two different resistances allow you to adjust your workout difficulty to fit your needs. The kit also includes a carry sack, 2 wrist straps, 2 ankle straps, anchor strap and training manual.


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