////Sand Funnel (For Hyperwear Sandbells)

Sand Funnel (For Hyperwear Sandbells)


Sandbell Funnel, for filling Hyperwear Sandbells

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Filling an empty SandBell is easy with our sand funnel and dry. Clean all-purpose sand available at home improvement stores.

Sandbells sold unfilled to save on courier costs, and basic playpit sand can be used to fill your Hyperwear Sandbells.

You can also watch this video to assist in filling your Sandbells with your Sand Funnel

The funnel a tube or pipe that is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. Used for guiding sand into the small opening of the Hyperwear Sandbell. Makes for easy filling or re-filling of your Sandbell using dry playpit sand.

Also used for Hyperwear Sand Ropes.


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