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School Gyms

This fundamental addition to any company’s set-up provides an area of fitness, health and wellbeing for both staff and owners.

In an age of fast food, long periods of sitting, and ease of communication and entertainment, a large portion of the population is fast becoming inactive, obese, hypertensive, lazy, unproductive, and unmotivated.
Gyms and fitness centres within companies assist in overcoming all of these problems.

At Origin Fitness, we provide gym management and effective wellness programme assistance for businesses to become healthier, more productive, more motivated and have higher attendance rates.
Staff can be assessed and provided with programmes to improve their health, fitness and lifestyle.
In addition, our systems can fight weakness caused by poor form and posture in the workplace. This manifests in the form of repetitive injuries, lack of core stability, etc. and can be improved through programming within the fitness centre environment.
Everyone can train at their convenience before, after, or even during work in a comfortable facility and environment, with assistance from gym staff.
Statistics shows that for every Rand invested in corporate wellness a return of between 8 and 80% is returned. This is seen through various means such as improved productivity, improved motivation, reduced absenteeism, improved health and reduced sick leave.

The results speak for themselves

Healthy Staff better results

A well-structured company gym with good management will definitely improve a company’s bottom line.

A foundation to implementation solution.

We consult and advise in order to achieve to the best facility for the staff’s needs.

Our associate management team provides the ultimate in gym management for companies, as well as unique and effective wellness programmes.
Origin Fitness is involved in every step of the process. This includes gym design, layout, 3D rendering, construction, equipment selection, delivery, installation and training, and service and support.

The key feature of Origin Fitness is its untold support and ongoing customer service.

Origin Fitness has provided facility and gym design and equipment for:

Telesure/Auto and General
Alexander Forbes
Group 5
And more…

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