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School Gym

School wellness is the belief that schools can and must promote and reinforce healthy eating, physical activity, nutrition education and physical education in order to increase student achievement.

School wellness plays a role in every part of the school environment, from the lunchroom to the classroom to the playground to the front office. Parents, school staff and students can all influence school wellness activities, policies and practices.

Origin Fitness can provide ‘foundation-to- implementation’ and turn-key solutions that help companies develop new opportunities to promote a wellness lifestyle while improving overall member experience.

A turn-key solution is where the essential design and concept of a solution is provided by a supplier or contractor to help improve an existing model without having to create changes to operation.

Origin Fitness can provide turn-key solutions for existing school fitness facilities, with a wide range of fitness products designed to offer you more versatility with your equipment and more value for your money.

Versatile, durable and tested gym equipment is required that can provide you with the tools to offer enjoyable, challenging and rewarding sessions on a daily basis. Properly managed and maintained wellness systems increase students’ engagement with school work, enhance social development and result in less illness and sick days. Origin Fitness can assist with facility layout and gym equipment supply.

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